What makes us different?

We only work with small businesses and schools. Being a small business ourselves, we know what its like to compete with deep pocket companies and therefore have put together services that help a small company compete in todays ever expanding markets.




Goal Oriented

We focus on what is it you want to achieve and find the most econimical and user friendly ways to make it happen.



Through our Google Apps classes, we'll teach your staff to work anywhere, with any device, as a team, in less time.


Great Support

You pick the support package you want or don't choose one at all. Either way, we're here to help. 


hereatcanalestechHere at Canalestech, we strive to help small businesses compete with the giants of industry by capitalizing on their niche. We can build a website that will show their brand, sell their product/service, or simply spread the word about the cause they support.

Their websites can make the most of mobile web traffic by our custom mobile web portal creation. We customize the view a mobile user gets when they visit your site. Functions can be added where users see a button for directions or a call button that desktop users don't see. The latest offering can even be the first thing a mobile user sees.

We are a loyalty program reseller. Clients can now offer their customers discounts that get pushed directly to their phone remotely or triggered when the client walks into the establishment. Loyalty programs are FREE. You can get started with offerings at no cost. Of course if you would like premium features, those are available as well at additional cost.

For those businesses that want to save time and money on the administration end of their business, we offer Google Apps lessons. We will teach your staff to use Google tools to increase collaboration, productivity, and reduce cost and required man hours.


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IDrive Remote Backup 

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Please feel free to contact us via email, phone, or snail mail. We'd love to hear from you. 






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