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  • What forms of payment do you accept? +

    We prefer payment via Paypal, but will be happy to discuss other payment options if you or your company cannot remit payment in this manner. Read More
  • What support plans are available? +

    Service plans can be found on our Services page, but as with all of our policies, services, and products, we are willing to discuss your unique situation. Read More
  • Will you teach me how to maintain my own website? +

    We offer several different service options, but if you choose to maintain and upgrade your own site, we will definitely point you in the right direction via online documentation provided by Joomla..
  • Can you teach us to use Google apps without accessing our company's data? +

    We only need an Internet connection to access our own data. You're data is safe. We connect to our own Google apps account and demonstrate usage via our pre-compiled training materials and hands on experience with newly created documents.
  • What kind of equipment do we need to facilitate the Google apps training class? +

    Google works on any Internet connected device. To work in a common interface, it is advisable that everyone in attendance use a regular laptop, desktop, or Chromebook. Tablets and mobile phones can use Google apps, but certain features may require an app download.
  • Should I get my site optimized for mobile users? +

    It depends on your business. If you have a pizza shop, salon, or deli for example, then yes. You'll be able to provide a mobile user with directions to your store or they can call you. If you have a purely informational site, then perhaps not.
  • What does "responsive" mean? +

    "Responsive" means your website will be able to automatically adjust it's content to accommodate the screen size of the device it's being viewed on. Read More
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